Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Chicken Should I Buy? And Why?

I have always bought Tyson 100% Natural Chicken because it is hormone and steroid free. Did you know that it is illegal to use hormones and steroids in chicken production? That means ANY chicken you buy at the store should be hormone and steroid free. A chiropractor mentioned to me last week that the problem with chicken is the ANTIBIOTICS they use. If you don't already know, antibiotics are BAD! They are the opposite of PRObiotics. I read a couple of articles about Tyson and Pilgrim's Pride...

Right now I am happy to have Rosie, Organic Whole Chickens in my freezer. No drugs or antibiotics can be used when raising organic chicken. Organic, antibiotic-free chicken is expensive though. A whole, organic chicken costs $3.63/pound (compared to what I used to pay... $.89/pound)! Yeowch! Buying organic breasts or thighs will cost $5-6/pound. However, the added benefit of buying organic chicken is that their feed does NOT contain GMO corn and soy.

If you are looking for a "happy medium" I noticed today that Wal-Mart has Harvest Land chicken which is antibiotic-free! You can get a whole chicken for $1.37/pound (boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $4.78/pound). Here is a picture of their label so you can spot it easily:

Just say, "NO!" to antibiotics!!!


  1. So does Harvestland chicken have GMO's? You said it's anti-biotic free, but it wasn't clear if it's GMO free. Thanks.

  2. the grains use to feed the chicken are GMO. Nothing else was given to the actual chicken while being raised.

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  4. humanly raised it said but there are not raised in good conditions.. its sad what they do to them

  5. harvestland is supposedly owned by perdue. seeing how only a handful of companies own pretty much all the food, it's not surprising. more people are waking up to what is in food, gmo's etc, as that happens and people start abandoning "brands" the same companies are going to come out with their own "healthy" "organic" versions of's already happening. usually when you look on the back of a label at the fine print you find they are subsidiaries of the big names and the biggest offenders...hard to trust them! i'd say find a farmer that raises animals and buy local (as you can). harvestland uses gmo feed. shame really, when there ARE non gmo feed alternatives out there.