Thursday, May 5, 2011

Product Review: Kombucha Wonder Drink

Do you see these three empty bottles? These three empty bottles make me very, very sad. A couple of years ago I first read about Kombucha - an incredibly healthy drink that should be enjoyed everyday. After reading about how to brew this fermented tea I decided that I surely didn't have time to do that, plus it probably tasted gross.

Once I realized that Azure Standard had flavored Kombucha, I decided to give it a try. Three bottles cost $6 (on sale) and that was worth it to me to see if I like the stuff or not. Those three bottles lasted me six days and ever since I ran out I can't stop thinking about Kombucha! Oh, I love it!!!

After drinking my first serving of Kombucha I thought it wasn't bad and I could definitely drink it each day for my health. The second day, I couldn't wait for my Kombucha time (in the quiet afternoon, while the little ones are napping). Now I'm hooked and going through withdrawals!

My May order includes 12 bottles of Kombucha Wonder Drink, Niagra Grape. Not only that, but I have a Kombucha starter reviving in my kitchen that I ordered from Cultures for Health. It takes a while to get that going, but when I do you'll get an update. While I was shopping online I went ahead and ordered some Water Kefir Grains... Everyone (well, maybe not the littlest one) is enjoying their water kefir. I have a little more experimenting to do before I post about that as well. When my Kombucha and Kefir are thriving I will be able to share starters with you. Let me know if you're interested!

Wow, this turned out to be a long post and I haven't even talked about the benefits of drinking Kombucha. Oh, why don't I describe the taste for you? At first it is very effervescent, then tastes slightly sweet and ends with a faint and fleeting hint of apple cider vinegar. Mmmm...

INGREDIENTS:  Kombucha, organic jasmine tea, organic cane sugar, organic Niagara grape juice concentrate.

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