Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Product Review: Food for Life Tortillas

I ordered the Food for Life brand sprouted grain tortillas and brown rice tortillas with plans to make breakfast burritos.  These tortillas do not roll up.  We ended up with a broken mess, however they have a good taste.  I decided to give them another try with quesadillas, they are just too fragile to work with...

I want to like these, anyone have tips/success with making these work???


  1. Hey, I'm an Aggie friend of your sis, Amy, and I really enjoy reading your blog! Don't know if you're familiar w/, but she has 2 great recipes to make your own whole wheat and corn tortillas...I've done both a few times and they are delicious!! Even bought my own tortilla press from amazon....just an idea!

  2. Hi Ruthie!

    I remember Amy studying with you in college! I have looked at that site, but haven't used any of their recipes... thanks for the link! I do have a good homemade tortilla recipe, but was really hoping I could find some healthy, convenient ones to keep on hand.

  3. heat up the tortilla, cold tortillas always break.