Friday, June 17, 2011

Water Kefir, Three Ways

We are loving our water kefir around here! Pictured above is our water kefir soda. Click here to watch a video on how to make homemade soda. I feel like our soda turns out best when I leave the grains in the sugar water for 24 hours, then bottle it up with grape juice and leave on the counter for 18 hours. Anything more than that seems to amplify the alcoholic taste and make opening the bottle an explosive mess! Since I don't always remember, or have time, to strain off my water kefir every 24 hours I have been utilizing my water kefir in different ways.

I call this strawberry lemonade. I strain out the kefir grains and pour the water kefir in the blender (about 3 cups), then add enough frozen strawberries to bring the water level up to 4 cups. Blend away! If it's a little too tart, add up to 1/4 cup of sucanat. If you want a more slushy drink, add enough strawberries to bring the water level up to 5 cups.

Today I made smoothies for the kiddos at lunch. I threw in 1 1/2 ripe bananas some frozen strawberries then added enough water kefir to get the consistency right. These had a ginger ale taste to them. This was a hit!

Note: Don't let your water kefir grains stay in the sugar water for more than 3 days unless you are storing them in the fridge. It will harm your grains if they are not "fed" regularly.


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for your post. What do you think about freezing it into cubes? Do you think it will retain the nutrients if you do that?

  2. From what I understand freezing does not do much damage to nutrients, so I think that would be a great option. Let me know what you decide to do with your water kefir cubes!